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Whether I have chosen to paint realistic, fluid style, interpretive or in a pointillist manner I try to make each painting unique.  My goal is not to have a specific style but instead to enjoy the creative process and allow for individual interpretation.  I want to let the creative process be the point of painting and the final work is just one act of the dance that will forever hold the movements in place.

               -John Scott Delzell

John Scott Delzell
June 26, 1954 - April 26, 2015

With a sad heart, we want you to know that we have lost our dear,
sweet John from a sudden heart attack on
Sunday, April 26, 2015.



Some paintings will be made available for sale at a later time.
Please check back or email for updates.

John Scott Delzell (formerly John Delzell Muhler) strives to capture light and form in all its subtleties and strengths while enjoying a unique relationship with his canvases. Balancing brilliance with contrast, defining edges and contours with the ever-elusive background, John creates a diverse body of work with styles ranging from photo-realism to heavy impasto impressionism, surreal abstract forms, and combinations in between. His images of brazen snags, twisted driftwood and temperamental skies are juxtaposed with soft portraits, serene seascapes and abstractly woven speckled forested trails.

John’s portrait project “Life Encounters on Canvas” explores the diversity and intimate thoughts of students who have immigrated to the U.S. from countries around the world. The 28 portraits and their accompanying life stories have been displayed at community centers, libraries, public schools, colleges and universities. The portraits and their condensed stories can be viewed on his website.

John Scott Delzell lives on Camano Island, Washington, with his wife, Jenna. Together they share a love for art and nature, taking every opportunity to be out hiking, biking and backpacking in the beautiful Northwest which inspires their creativity.  John and Jenna teach art classes for children and adults year round and their summer art camps have been a highlight for children of all ages, creating mixed media projects. They also collaborated on a large scale puzzle piece mural for Utsalady Elementary School entryway and the Rotary Adventure Playground on Camano Island.

Formerly known as John Delzell Muhler, John returned to his birth name several years ago as he began a new life with Jenna. He honored his stepfather’s name while he was alive and now honor’s his birth father’s name. Delzell is an old Scottish name with roots back to the time of the first king of Scotland. It’s pronounced “Dee EL” and means “I Dare”.





Camano Summer Art Camp!
We are offering art camps this year starting June - August. A camp session is four days, Monday through Thursday from 10-2:30 pm, and will feature many different art projects such as; acrylic painting, sculptures made from driftwood, wire or clay, mask making, drawing, pastels and many other activities!
For more information visit :


"ART QUEST For KIDS & ADULTS"  John & Jenna offer classes year around for children and adults. 
September - June sign up for weekly after school classes for children in Stanwood or Camano Island. To learn more, visit:


"ART FOR ADULTS" This class is held on Saturdays from 10-12 pm. These classes are built with a flexible schedule so you can come for 1 or 2 hours, your choice. Sign up anytime to pursue your artistic interests! 

Click on the ART CLASSES for more information on all the classes. 



Check this page out to see John's new paintings. All new artwork will be posted on this page before being placed in their designated spots.


African Artwork
 - on a recent trip to five African orphanages, John was inspired by all the new sights, sounds and experiences. He is currently working on many new pieces inspired from his trip in preparation for the Mother's Day Studio Tour on Camano Island.
If you'd like to read about John & Jenna's amazing month long trip to Kenya and Uganda in February 2009, check out their blog.


Check out the Pets & Art Page!
John has again created a unique painting for the Camano Animal Shelter Association's 2009 Annual Auction! This painting will be auctioned off to raise money for our local no-kill shelter.
The painting is called Making New Friends. John used a soft stuffed puppy who is hiding behind his paws as the three kittens check out their "new friend". The idea was inspired by our visit to the shelter this spring, and seeing the connections made between families and the kittens. The kittens made terrible photograph subjects - they hardly stopped moving! But we had a great time watching them play!
Animals give us so much - remember to give back! We can do it in many ways, adopt a needy homeless animal, volunteer at a local shelter or send some funds to help support others as they care for the hundreds of precious needy animals.


Commissioned Portraits:


Of all the subjects he paints, custom portraits are a favorite because of the special interaction and relationship he develops with his subjects.  John strives to express the inner beauty of the person he is painting as well as the physical likeness.


Eleven years ago John was moved by the stories of discriminated students who have come here from other countries and cultures and he began
a cross-cultural project called
Life Encounters On Canvas.
It incorporates brief biographies by teenagers with large 3' x 2' portraits that he painted. The project has been successfully shown in schools, colleges and universities, community centers, libraries and district offices.


Having lived by the sea on both the east and west coast, it has a special place in John's heart. Whether he's windsurfing (when he lived in CA) or just walking on the beach, John's always got his eye out for the perfect photo op of the intriguing piece of driftwood, a moody surf or a brilliant sunset sky.


John Delzell creates paintings that connect with the soul- the calm, dark mood of a coastal bay before the storm; the freshness of an early morning walk through a pristine forest; the living spirit of a solitary piece of driftwood shaped and transformed by the elements.
Described as vibrant, striking and rich, his paintings capture light in all its subtleties and strengths. Many paintings take on an extra thickness from layering with drops of pure hue.  He strives to weave a blanket of paint that is finished with tiny drips and dots that glow within the textured background, a background that is often woven into the foreground.



John enjoys a wide range of interest in art - so it's not surprising that he also loves creating his own abstract art, usually using pieces formed from nature, like driftwood or trees and then using wild colors to create a unique new look at the same piece.


Flower Power
What is more beautiful than a perfect flower?! John was asked to create showstopping orchid paintings by the Sonoma County Orchid Society. Since then, he has continued to paint flowers, the most current, Calla Lilies.


The Eagle Takes Flight - John & Jenna recently completed a large eagle mural that was made of puzzle pieces cut out of 3/4" cabinet plywood, sanded, painted, then glued to a 15' x 15' entry wall at Utsalady Elementary School on Camano Island.