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Personable… silly, sad, wild, playful, tail thumping, jumping, anxious, hungry, tired, sleeping, ….
What else can you say? Dogs have personalities that reveal so many attributes- they’re downright human!… Except, maybe, for the tail thumping part, maybe. Their ears perk up and flatten back, the eyes sparkle and plead for attention, they roll over and give you that touch me, rub me, scratch me look that is most impossible to ignore.  They can’t wait to be fed- gobbling up their food in seconds flat and don’t even realize that they’re full as they wag their tails for more! And walking these days is an act of pure humbleness… we know that they need a lot of exercise to stay fit and in shape (don’t we all?) so we walk for several miles, we pick up their poop so as not to offend our neighbors, and we keep them leashed so that they stay out of gardens. - John Delzell

John's most recent dog commission was capturing the likeness of Danny Boy for his mom S. McArdle of Texas. Danny Boy was her beloved companion for six short years and passed away this spring. John also painted Trucker in 2003 just after he passed away for S. McArdle.
"It was a real pleasure working on Danny Boy's portrait, capturing his beautiful features and his "Wise Eyes". I hope this portrait brings comfort to his mom through the years." J. Delzell~
    "Danny Boy-2009"                          
"Trucker -2003"

John has created another painting for the Camano Animal Shelter Association's 2009 Annual Auction. The auction is held Saturday October 3, 2009 at Camano Community & Senior Center from 5:30-9:30 PM. Their will be live and silent auction, gourmet appetizers, desserts and coffee. Tickets are $25 in advance or $35 at the door. For more information go to:  We hope to see you there!
The painting is called Making New Friends. John used a soft stuffed puppy who is hiding behind his paws as the three kittens check out their "new friend". The idea was inspired by our visit to the shelter this spring, and seeing the connections made between families and the kittens. The kittens made terrible photograph subjects - they hardly stopped moving! But we had a great time watching them play!
Animals give us so much - remember to give back! We can do it in many ways, adopt a needy homeless animal, volunteer at a local shelter or send some funds to help support others as they care for the hundreds of precious needy animals.

John created a unique painting for the Camano Animal Shelter Association's 2007 Annual Auction. Working with many photos of a rescued American Bulldog/Pit Bull named Eddie, he caught the essence of a lonely sweet pup ready to go to his forever family. And the story ends happily - Eddie got his forever home! If you are interested in learning about having a portrait painted by John, contact him at: 360-387-2251 or


I tried to capture the essence of a dog in my portrait of Eddie- an American Bulldog / Pit Bull for the Camano Animal Shelter Association ‘s Annual Auction, held on Saturday October 6, 2007. I give homage to Norman Rockwell for his charming portrayal of dogs in his Saturday Evening Post covers.  And I hope that anyone who gets a chance to see it will remember that dogs- or any animals that are treated with respect and love will truly return it ten-fold.
   12" x 18"    Commissioned
Other Animal Protraits by John Scott Delzell
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    20" x 24"   SOLD 

        Night Mare                                                       

  18" x 14"      $ 375                                  



 12" x 16"   $500  SOLD





   12" x 16"    $500    SOLD



     Rebel & Yankee                                                    
  24x20   $750   SOLD