Eagle Mural Project


John & Jenna Delzell

August 2008 – April 2009

John & Jenna recently completed a large eagle mural that was made of puzzle pieces cut out of 3/4" cabinet plywood, sanded, painted, then glued to a 15' x 15' entry wall at Utsalady Elementary School on Camano Island. This was their first combined art project that they completed together and what fun they had! This is a pictorial view of the project from beginning to end.
John’s puzzling idea on paper.         
This original sketch was enlarged          
on poster paper using a scale of                                                        
1 inch = 1 foot.                                                                                                                                    

John’s a regular cut-up                

in his shop! Jenna rounded         

all the edges with a router.


Jenna in her prime. Every piece           

was sanded and painted with a             

gesso primer.


Raising the arch! John

used a pencil tied to a

ribbon stretched from a

center point.

      Pretty In Pink                                      

         Careful does it!                                

  A steady hand is a must.


Let the Good Times Roll!                      


The finished backdrop.

The wall had to dry over

night before we could

glue all the pieces.

Template tracing.  Every piece                                                                         
was carefully positioned and
marked in pencil using the poster
paper template. We used a scissor
lift that has controls to lift it up
to the ceiling and rolled it forwards
and backwards. Jenna was the
master driver!
    A Pressing Moment!
Holding Steady! Each eagle                                                                        
piece and letter had to be glued                                                                    
and held in place for two to ten                                                                     
minutes or more until the glue set! 
The Final Note - signing our
signatures! John & Jenna's first
art project signed together!
                      ~Piece de Resistance~ 
Special Thanks To Principal Colleen Keller
of Utsalady Elementary School, and all the Donors
& Children For Their Support!!